Project: Australia-Argentina higher education/industry collaborative action network.

This project networks universities and industry partners on topics of national significance: ecological sustainability (including agribusiness, water management) and social resilience (including health, education). A workshop will provide strategies for further developing resilient, collaborative networks and projects.

Project: iDENTify: Early identification of type 2 diabetes & pre-diabetes in the oral healthcare setting

In this project, I developed the website for The Melbourne Dental School (MDS) at The University of Melbourne to promote a study that investigates screening for type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes in a private oral healthcare setting. Diabetes in Australia is increasing at a faster rate than other chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

Project: Males QUT

In a strategic and timely manner, Males will develop products that will progressively change the male escorting enterprise, thereby building a positive reputation for professionalism, innovation, and ethically responsible behaviour. There is a need to establish a much higher level of service delivery, and responding to changing social trends.  Responsible governments and the public want to see an ethically operated escort business and support the sex industry operating in an environment that enhances self-care and quality service delivery.