Examples of my work experience 

My current project

ouiCash “Delivering a cashless global crypto economy with a decentralised approach using centralized services.”

Using my knowledge about business, I have written a concept paper on a project called ouiCash, that will hopefully mainstream how cryptocurrency is used in everyday living.


For the DFAT funded Argentina-Australia higher education/industry collaborative action network

In this project, I was responsible for developing the website to create a user-friendly and professionally designed layout to support the researchers involved in this program and disseminating outcomes achieved in the various project elements to stakeholders, including government agencies, see https://research.qut.edu.au/argentina-australia-collaboration/. The descriptive program elements are: rural medical education, disability, agribusiness, water management, and criminology.



iDENTify: Early identification of type 2 diabetes & pre-diabetes in the oral healthcare setting

In this project, I developed the website for The Melbourne Dental School (MDS) at The University of Melbourne to promote a study that investigates screening for type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes in a private oral healthcare setting, see https://identify-diabetes.org/

Diabetes in Australia is increasing at a faster rate than other chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer.


About males project

In this project, I developed a marketing and promotion campaign to ensure that the site reached the relevant stakeholders. This included developing a methodology for establishing an extensive database of over 9,000 escorts around the globe using Google sheets and writing the marketing text for the user, see article published in Huffington Post. This project has resulted in a longitudinal survey of online male escorts globally that monitors trends in the male escort industry, see https://research.qut.edu.au/aboutmaleescorting/2019/06/13/study-finds-male-escorts-online-increased-while-laws-shut-down-websites/



  • Diploma of Website Development TAFE, NSW New England Institute (2018).
  • Certificate IV in Information Technology NSW New England Institute (2017).
  • BBusiness (International Bussiness) (Third Year), Southern Cross University.


Other work experience

I have been employed as a Research Assistant to work on several projects at the School of Social Justice at the Queensland University of Technology, and The Kirby Institute, University of New South Wales. This work involved working on several Australian Research Council (ARC) funded the projects, with my duties including secondary data collection and developing innovative e-technology ways to store and exchange knowledge for users, resulting in a number of publications and media coverage. I also have experience in retail, presentation of merchandise, auditing, and customer service, having worked for a large corporate store in Australia.